About the community idea

The world of Open Source (OS) communities and projects is great and complex. There are dominant members like Apache Foundation and Eclipse Foundation and all of them do great work. But new or small projects are often independent and not organized. Sure, there are places for these projects, but connecting projects and developers can lead everyone into new spheres. That is where varietas.io takes its place. We want to provide a platform for

  • Planing,
  • Managing,
  • Improving and
  • Working on every possible kind of project.

The only restriction is: IT HAS TO BE OPEN SOURCE.

We know that software development can be hard for beginners. And we know that more professional software development requires the action of tools. For that, we provide a number of useful hosted services in combination with public available platforms. Our services are

  • Team - A project management platform.
  • Source - A source code version control system (VCS).
  • CI - An automated build tool.

Public available services are

  • Github.com - A source code version control system (VCS).

All of them are free to use without costs.

Why Self-hosted and Github in parallel?

This is a good question. Sometimes a project is too young or you want to play with it before you push it all over the world. In this situation, a private VCS is very convenient. Start the project implementation privately and publish it later on github.

In what language can I write my project?

The question is answered very quickly: Use the language and technology that you know or that is best for you. We aim to host projects written in every existing language. That is one of the important points of varietas.io.

I don’t want start a project. Can I contribute to an existing one?

For sure! Talk to the members of the project you want to work with and start.